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Do you believe in prophecies?


One day a man came up to me while I was walking to the supermarket and complimented me for my beauty (ok, this was already weird enough). He thought I was Israeli and we started to talk. It was not the first time that a person had stopped me to ask my nationality, I know I do not look Italian at all, even though I am 100% pure Italian woman. I found out he works here near where a my boyfriend lives and that he sees me all the time.

The conversation got very interesting when he basically started giving me a prophecy. He told me that I actually cannot see it, but I live two steps ahead of everyone else and I am an “out of class”. He also told me that when I will seriously figure it out I will have a successful life and achieve all my goals. Ok, now it seems that my life is miserable and I have a very low self-esteem , but  honestly it’s not like that! I mean, I am not “living a dream” or whatever, but I am happy person. It’s true that I am pretty far away from the realization of my goals, but hey, I’m working on it, give me time! 😀 Then he told me to leave my boyfriend because we are not for each other, and to never be with a man who doesn’t open doors for me or pay everything  on dates.

Anyways it was pretty cool what he said to me, don’t you think so? Should I believe it or not?

Maybe he was just flirting, but I need to thank him because that day he made me smile and that day I walked to the supermarket with a little bit more of confidence, feeling good. I never saw him again, even though I am always here! He gave me his number in case someday I want to talk, but I think both of us knew that I will never call.

I think sometimes people really just need a stranger to tell them how simply beautiful they are because we never see it.  So now I want to take the chance and do the same. If you are reading this post I want you to know that you are beautiful person and if you believe in yourself life will really be amazing, more than it could ever be. Do not let other people put you down, treat everybody how you want to be treated and smile as much as you can. I am not a life guru or the Buddah, but I swear, that man was right at least on one thing: I do not see my beauty. There are days that I wake up and I feel the ugliest person on Earth, and it makes me feel so bad that I don’t even want to go out of the house.  That man really made my day because I felt good, even for just a little bit. This is what I want to achieve now with you. I didn’t throw his words to the garbage, and since that day I’m working on myself. I am feeling better. I want this sad period to  pass and I am the only person that can make it happen. I promis you, I will make it… we will make it.

So… this is it for now, I really hope that my story reached your heart and that you will do the same with other people.

maya-2012-profeziaP.S. I did not broke up with my boyfriend though!