Hello everyone,


my name is Silvia and I’m and Italian college student writing a blog for fun. I actually live in Turin, a very beautiful city in the North of Italy (if you’d like to visit, hit me up, I will be very happy to be your guide!). Describing myself in few words: I love summer so I can wear my long colorful dresses, I have a real bad sweet tooth, and my biggest passion is to travel, to get to know new people from different parts of the world, try to learn new languages.

I wanted to open a blog  because of my big wish of sharing my ideas, dreams and adventures with all of you. Seriously, I don’t really care about likes or comments, or how many people will read my articles. If I can make just one single person smile, I’ll be the happiest blogger ever.

Sooooo…. Let’s start! Just take a cup of tea with me (I’m obsessed with tea) and follow me trough my crazy life 😉

“Innamoratevi, se non vi innamorate è tutto morto. Vi dovete innamorare e diventa tutto vivo (…). Dilapidate la gioia, sperperate l’allegria. Siate tristi e taciturni con esuberanza. Fate soffiare in faccia alla gente la felicità! (…). Per trasmettere la felicità bisogna essere felici e per trasmettere il dolore bisogna essere felici. Siate felici! Dovete patire, stare male, soffrire; non abbiate paura a soffrire, tutto il mondo soffre.” cit. Roberto Benigni, dal film “La tigre e la neve

Just in case you want to contact me, here’s my email: silvia.alba3@gmail.com



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