I spent my junior year of high school in the U.S., in Arizona -oh wow, now it seems such a long time ago that I should have started with “Once upon a time…”-. One particular thing from my English class stayed in my mind for so long that I had to do it now or I would never do it later on, and made everybody else to do it too.

I’m talking about dayzeroproject.com and the famous “101 goals in 1001 days”. I remember my teacher made us write our personal list: all goals must be measurable and nothing impossible. I never took this project seriously and this is also one of the reasons why I opened this blog. So, here you go, my list:

Starting date: January, 31st, 2013 – Ending date: October 29th, 2015 (check out my progress!)

  1. Get my driving licence
  2. Read the “Lord of the Rings”
  3. Bunjee jumping
  4. Rafting
  5. Watch the entire filmography of: Quentin Tarantino, Leonardo Di Caprio, Johnny Depp, Tom Hanks
  6. Go to a classic music concert
  7. Trekking in the mountains and spending the night out in a tent
  8. Learn by heart a passage of the “Divina Commedia”
  9. Get another piercing
  10. Ride a quad
  11. Horseback riding
  12. Cat walk on a stage
  13. Midnight skin deep
  14. Go to a nudist beach
  15. Refresh my TOEFL
  16. Get the ECDL
  17. Go to Morocco
  18. Make a new friend through the internet
  19. Write a list of 10 things I like about myself
  20. Learn how to snowboard
  21. Get a board after learning a little bit
  22. Finish a 1000 piece puzzle
  23. Save up some money to join the FLIC course
  24. Learn a new language
  25. Write a cooking book with a picture of every recipe I made
  26. Get another tattoo
  27. Buy a good camera
  28. Go to a theme park
  29. Donate my blood
  30. Complete a 365 day photo challenge
  31. Keep alive a little plant for at least 6 months
  32. Be able to do 20 push-ups in a row
  33. Go to the Venice Carnival
  34. Write an inspiration message in a public bathroom
  35.  Bury a time capsule and open it in 10 years
  36. Go vegetarian for a month
  37. Dance in the rain
  38. Do not forget a pill (my birth control one) for 6 months
  39. Get into the university major I want
  40. Write 101 things that make happy
  41. Lord of the Rings marathon
  42. Build and make a kite fly
  43. Watch the sunrise and the sunset in the same day
  44. Do not access facebook for a full week
  45. Skydiving
  46. Do a reverse dinner (starting with the digestive liquor and ending with the entrees)
  47. Spend a day at the beach
  48. Find a job for a little while
  49. Go to a concert
  50. Go to an aquarium
  51. Do a liquid diet for a week
  52. Do the fasting of the moon
  53. Join a Celtic festival
  54. Read the 100 books suggested by the BBC
  55. Read a marvel comic
  56. Read the Bible
  57. Subscribe to scientific magazine
  58. Not eat McDonald’s for 4 months
  59. Do an interrail
  60. Cosplay at a convention
  61. Do a picnic
  62. Buy a mineral foundation
  63. Have lunch at an all you can eat place
  64. Do not dye chemically my hair for a 1001 days
  65. Throw a tea party
  66. Do my family tree
  67. Find a hobby
  68. Work on my abs every day for a month
  69. Learn the sign language
  70. Go to Ondaland
  71. Learn how to play chess
  72. Make a video about my trip to Norway
  73. Download a good video maker program
  74. Drink at least 1l of water per a month
  75. Join a forum
  76. Follow a good routine for myself (hair/face and body)
  77. Join a belly dance course
  78. Taste 50 different beers
  79. Do not accept a grade lower than 26
  80. Do a tv audition
  81. Save up 50€ every month
  82. Learn how to decorate cakes
  83. Buy a new pair of glasses
  84. Do a last minute trip
  85. Get a massage in a spa
  86. Whiten my teeth
  87. Volunteer in a foreign country for a full summer
  88. Do a photo reportage about the life of a famous person belonging to the scientific community
  89. Buy an Illamasqua product
  90. Eat for a week, every day, a different kind of food:  Spanish, German, Brazilian, Greek, Colombian, Italian, American
  91. Do a trip, hitch-hiking for the 70% of the trip (at least!)
  92. Get a nerd poster for my bedroom
  93. Create a blog
  94. Learn how to skateboard
  95. Study myths and legends of the Nordic countries
  96. Visit Turin like a tourist
  97. Make 5 new friends
  98. Join a summer internship
  99. &%$%&$@#+*§&%@^^%€#]
  100. &%$%&$@#+*§&%@^^%€#]
  101. Learn how to take down in shorthand

Un saluto a tutti i pellegrini! 🙂



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